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About Mark Findlay

The weather is a frequent feature of my images, as well as nature and landscape. In a world increasingly threatened by global warming, images of sunsets and storms could symbolise both the beauty of nature and the implied power of the forces being unleashed. Of course great pictures of stormy weather are sometimes hard to get, so I also show odd winter landscape with quiet blue sky.

In the past year or so, I have added some images of woodland. I love the complex forms of trees, as well as the endless variety of greens, yellows, oranges, browns and greys. Again, there is a subtext of love of nature and the environment, and the need to protect it.

I have tried recently to add a few local “urban” subjects, where the colour or light interests me.

Most of my photographs are taken in or around Brighton, but the images also feature Québec, South Wales and Haute Savoie.

I show in our open house at 23 Cornwall Gardens, Brighton, together with my partner Stuart. Our opening in May 2012 will be our fifth year. We form part of the Fiveways trail and Brighton Artists Open House.

My work has been published in Country Life Magazine (in a feature about elms in Brighton), and (the Foreshore at Rottingdean) is currently on show in the Open House pub in Springfield Road (part of a Fiveways group exhibition). Two of my images (the large trees) were shown in August 2010 in the Chateau de Bosmelet in Normandy (again, part of a Fiveways Group exhibition).

Note that the size of the  images below isn’t proportionate to the printed size. I can give more details of each image on request. 

All works are printed using Epson Ultrachrome K3 ink on Epson Gloss/semi-gloss/Premium Lustre paper, with the exception of the canvas, produced by Jessops.

The prices quoted depend on whether the picture is framed or unframed. I can print different sizes to request. As a rule I limit each image to 10.

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